Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Big Adventure

We (Charity Eyre, Dani Shurtleff, and Sara McConkie) are traveling to India to volunteer for an incredible new non-profit organization called Rising Star Outreach. This awesome cause is truly changing the world.

Rising Star works in leprosy colonies in Sothern India. There, leprosy is considered a curse. Those who contract the disease are completely outcast from society and have traditionally been consigned to live in these remote leprosy colonies where they have absolutely no choice but to beg for their survival. Rising Star Outreach is helping to eradicate simply horrid living conditions and change thousands of years of social stigmas by educating the children from the colonies, offering medical treatment and giving families a real opportunity to be self-sufficient by providing micro-lending. We are truly inspired by the work that Rising Star does, so excited about how many lives are being dramatically changed, and very eager to contribute.

We invite you to our Fundraiser Dinner on January 14, 2009 at the Food & Care Coalition in Provo, Utah. Tickets can be purchased using the easy PayPal button to the right. All proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly to sponsor our activities working with Rising Star. We also encourage you to donate to Rising Star directly (if you choose Volunteer Partners from the drop-down menu the money can go directly to cover our personal volunteer costs).

We will be updating this blog as we prepare and during our time in India. Follow us and see the exciting and miraculous results of your much-appreciated donations!

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