Thursday, March 11, 2010

last days at rising star

we are now home in our little house in provo. it is really weird. so much has happened for us in the last seven weeks - it just feels eerie to be back, but wonderful in so many ways. we were literally dancing for joy in the los angeles airport, so grateful to be back on american soil. we traveled for 64 hours. yes, 64. anyway, now that we are back we wanted to post some photos. here are a bunch from our last days at rising star, and later we will put some up of our travels in the north. we had so many adventures!

i am too lazy right now to organize these photos, they are in really random order, but you get the picture (excuse the pun). we LOVED our time at rising star and our lives were forever changed by these beautiful children.

a picture is worth a thousand words, so we'll let the photos tell the story.

some of the boys in second standard working on a book project we gave them.

at dinner with some of the boys. the ones below me are some of the super bright students i got to tutor.

this is what we ate for lunch basically every day. (and breakfast, and dinner)

see? breakfast.

the students at morning assembly.

our last dinner on the roof with the other volunteers. we loved watching the sunset up there.

the housemothers checked our heads for lice.

best friends.

so we planned and threw a big carnival for all the kids. one of the ten stations was a photo booth. we created this big scene where the kids could stick their heads through and become a tiger, monkey or butterfly for their photo. dani was the expert artist. sara and i filled in some of the paint. the children loved it!

dani's signature ukulele song was a hit with the kids. everywhere we went they would ask, "mango song, aunties!"

just having a dance party.

walking to school.

this is kristin. she is the sponsorship director and she is soooo great. we helped her help the kids write letters to their sponsors. we love kristin and we put this picture in because she got cut out of the group photo you'll see below. that's what happens when you give a 12 year old indian kid your camera.

dani blowing bubbles with her class after reading a book about bubbles.

there's the group shot. we love these people!

christraj and peter at the carnival.

the races station at the carnival.

we decided we needed a picture of us in the photo scene too.

dani manned the face painting station.

nighttime storytelling with the girls.

us and the principle, radhika, who became our dear friend. those clothes cause an optical illusion. i am not really that huge.

teaching second standard. again, not that big. and also, i know i look like a circus clown. there were just so many options in the closet and it was fun to mix it up and look ridiculous and not care.

funny how the optical illusion thing doesn't apply for sara! here she is teaching, what a beauty.

i got to read individually with most of the kids in second standard. the one-on-one tutoring was really helpful. but i am so sick of this dr. suess book.

activities with the kindergartners.

two of the girls i tutored.

sara got to teach piano lessons to the older boys and she did such an awesome job!

there you go - more pictures to come from our travels!


  1. Welcome home girls! Congrats on a job well done. Can't wait to hear more. Love you!

  2. Auntie Pleeeeeeeeeeese can we go back?!

  3. The only thing that could be better than being there with you for those last days was having you HERE to have you give us a blow by blow walk through of those wonderful memorable days at Rising Star!