Sunday, February 7, 2010


We all appreciate those experiences that give you a bigger perspective.

Church is a 7 hour ordeal out here when you include the 2 hour bumpy, hot, crowded bus ride to and from the Chennai branch. The branch has a healthy gathering of Indians, several ex-pats, 3 sets of missionaries and witnessed a baptism today. Although the heavy Indian accents meant we could hardly understand a majority of the testimonies, as Charity put it, "the Spirit speaks the same language to everyone." It definitely gives you a different perspective when you see how much more effort it takes to be an active member in a third world Hindu country.

We learned in Relief Society that only one of their sisters has been to the temple, she being fortunate enough to afford the trip to Hong Kong. She said with a big smile, "I've only been to the temple once, but that is enough to last me a lifetime." It was one of those humbling moments when you remember that you work across the street from one temple and live 7 minuets away from another. We're grateful for the bigger perspective we got today.

Dani & Charity singing "I am a Child of God" for a blind leprosy afflicted man.

Parents came yesterday to see their children perform at "Sports Day." The flags, banners and programs were all made by hand.

Two cuties


  1. How fun to see this and how great to know exactly where you are...except for church. Can't someone get permission to hold services at the school, with three terrific priesthood holders conducting? Tal had special permission to do the sacrament there the Sunday we were there so maybe you just wanted to try that out. What an experience! The saris are gorgeous! Keep writing!

  2. Wow! What an experience you are having! Thank you for posting these descriptions. Love you....

    Mom McConkie

  3. I just happened across your blog (linked from The Power of Moms sent to me by a friend of mine). I am living in Hyderabad, India now (with my husband and 3 young kids). We just made a trip to Chennai about 1 month ago and met some people from Rising Star at the LDS Church (Chennai 3rd Branch). Definitely an interesting place to live. Hope these 2 years benefit my kids.