Thursday, February 18, 2010

we found the cutest kids in the world!

sometimes i look at the kids here at rising star and think - "you are so cute i could eat you!" and sometimes the way they say my name or are so affectionate or draw me in with their deep brown eyes makes me wonder "how will i ever live without you?" oh man. these kids are so cute. they have been through a lot and they are finding so much joy in life here. we are so blessed to be a part of their lives!

this is anita (my sister-in-law) and mariambi, who had birthdays on the same exact day! it was pretty exciting!

we love this little girl amithram. her mother was killed - one of india's many horrible "bride burnings." so so sad - but look at that smile.

we have been working hard with the kids on their pronunciation, reading, and english comprehension. considering they are far from home learning two languages at once with crazy backgrounds, they are doing great. we have been teaching a reading class, tutoring the kids, having storytime with them at night in their dorms, organizing learning activities and just taking the time to talk with them and allowing them to hear native english.

i love this picture because it really sums up a lot of our experience with the kids. they absolutely clobber us and are always hanging off us. here sara is saying "okay, really?" as kids practically strangle here. oh man. it's a good thing they are so cute.

we had the kids do a little art project after school one day.

in our reading class we have been building stories with the kids, helping them with their vocabulary and understanding. at the end of the week we made the each their own mini-book and they LOVED it!

all the kids got new shoes the other day and we got to help sort and distribute them (an all-day ordeal). it was worth the work because this is how they felt about their new shoes:

they weren't shy about showing them off!

and they looked so good all perfectly matching and in line for school.

we adore these kids - especially when they share their forehead dots with us.

and we love it here. we are trying to do a lot of good. and we are learning so much in the process.


  1. Oh man, what fabulous pictures! It is just so amazing to have been there but not to have had time to really get to know the kids and now to see you all becoming great friends. Love seeing the love in their eyes...and yours. You three are amazing! They need to receive love as well as to give love so desperately. So even though it is sometimes smothering,keep on keeping on! On the other hand, if it becomes too much, tell them...for the sake of the next volunteers! Such great pictures and information! Thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. Ahh! I love the shoe pictures! They are so absolutely adorable! I wish I could be there with you girls! Miss you!

  3. Charity great blog. LOVE the photo of you and the kids. So full of LIGHT. You are great. Miss you. Treasure each day!!!

  4. HA. I LOVE the one of Sara choking to death! I love those brown eyes. Since Guatemala i have known that I want brown eyed babies so badly. those children are beyond beautiful. Give them everything you can while you can, but know god will take care of them when you can not.

  5. Great pictures! What an amazing opportunity Charity. Tell Sara hi from me - I love that she is getting so much love she is getting chocked! Love you girls!

  6. Charity: Thanks a million for sharing this unparalleled experience with us. I love your pictures - but more than that - I love your big hearts as you serve these children.

    Mom McConkie